UGA-2K-A & Apple 24 inch Led Display

I give software demo’s on a MacBook Pro 13 inch and would like to attach two 24 inch Apple Led Displays to my MacBook: one through the video connector of the MacBook and the other through your USB UGA-2K-A. Would this be possible? I don’t want to extend my canvas, I want both external monitors to show the same as what I see on the MacBook screen.

Hi Piet,

The UGA-2K-A supports VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Unfortunately, all the recent Apple Cinema displays are unusual in that they support just one connection type: DisplayPort. So it definitely won’t work right out of the box.

Now there are 3rd party adapters that convert DisplayPort signals to/from the more common connector types, but there are likely to be tradeoffs, and we haven’t tested them here. And I’m not aware of any “DisplayPort splitter” products, which given your use would be an easy solution if they existed.

So as it stands, I can’t recommend any solution, and would be cautious.

On the other hand, If your second monitor wasn’t DisplayPort only – supported any of VGA, DVI, or (VGA-compatible) HDMI – then you’d have a good solution with a USB connection and the UGA-2K-A. And mirroring the two displays is supported (select “Turn on Mirroring” – see attached image).

So an alternative is to perhaps use something other than the Apple Cinema displays.

Hope that info steers you in the right direction in finding the right product!

Best wishes,