UGA-165 on opensuse 12.1


I’m trying to set up a UGA-165 under opensuse 12.1 (3.1.10-1.16 kernel), I’ve tried modprobe udlfb with no effect. I get the same problem on both gnome and kde desktops. The Pluggable display shows a green background with nothing else, and the system does not know a second display exists. I know the hardware is good because it works perfectly on Windows XP (this is a dual-boot machine).


Hi Jonathan-

Thanks for contacting plugable support!

We’re glad to hear the docking station is working well on XP! Configuring multiple displays on Linux definitely takes a little more work, but I’m always excited to talk Linux!

First things first: I want to be clear that getting a 2nd display to function on Linux may not be possible, depending on how much system configuration you want to do. This would be a full-on developer level configuration, and as such might be unstable even if you did get it working Here is our post on the known good “replace the existing display” configuration:…

Getting multi displays to function via two of the same chipset devices (dual USB graphics) should be possible: the limitation here is in using different chipset based devices (your onboard graphics with monitor 1, USB graphics on monitor 2). We can theoretically work around this by using multiple USB graphics adapters (any multiple same chipset is theoretically possible, multiple chipset is the limitation).

Also, here’s a post about efforts being made to support multiple graphics chips/drivers in a single user session:…

The one true multidisplay configuration we do have good support for at the moment is detailed here, but this relies on multiple user sessions, each running their own desktop manager, not suitable for single user configurations:…

I hope this is useful reading, but please let me know if you have any other questions! We are very actively working on improving this functionality and would be happy to dive in with you, just want to make sure we start with the known limits.

Best wishes, and thanks again for contacting Plugable support!

Jeff Everett

PS: one last link on our ongoing work to support easier multidisplay on Linux:…