UGA - 165 Installation problems

Just Installed a UGA 165 and after the reboot I receive an error saying I have incompatible drivers on “standard VGA graphics adapter” upgrade the drivers. Don’t know where this display adapter came from. In Device Manager in the Display Adapter list it shows my GeForce GT 610 with no problems and the “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter” with an error. This is installed on a Windows 7 Pro 64bit PC.

The complete error message after installation: DisplayLink installer has detected that your Standard VGA Graphics Adapter graphics drivers could have compatibility issues when used with DisplayLink software. It is recommended that you check your laptop manufacturers or graphics card vendor website for an updated graphics driver before using DisplayLink software. I have no video on the monitor connected to the UGA-165.

Thanks for checking in!

I wouldn’t be able to understand what exactly is happening here without comprehensive logs. Could you get in touch through so I can gather some logs from your system?

Thanks for sending over those logs!

Looking at your machine, it appears that you have two GPUs. One is the built-in GPU in your “AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics”, the other is the “NVIDIA GeForce GT 610” discrete GPU.

The GT 610 looks to be in good working order, but the built-in unit isn’t functioning correctly because of missing drivers. I’d recommend just going into your BIOS and disabling your built-in GPU.

That being said, you should be able to just install the DisplayLink drivers anyway and give it a test. Have you done that, or does the installer not let you continue?

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