UGA-165 Blurry content on external monitor

I have a Lenovo T490 laptop and Mechanical dock with 3 Lenovo 21" (exactly same) monitors (bought two months ago). I have 3 of the UGA-165 driving these monitors from my dock. One of my monitors any content I place on it web page, powerpoint looks fuzzy, which started about three days ago. I check the displaylink drivers and they are the most current. I have two other smaller monitors also attached to the dock and work fine.

Thanks for reaching out!

Generally when a display is “blurry”, it’s being connected through VGA, which is analog and doesn’t render things picture-perfect like the digital signal through HDMI or DVI. Since this just started recently, I suspect that’s not the case here. A few things to check on below.

  • Are all of these displays attached using the same set of adapters and cable types? Can you let me know what that combination is?
  • If you take the suspect UGA-165 and swap it with one of your other adapters (keep the USB and display cables/adapters in place), does the issue follow the adapter or is the original display still fuzzy?
  • What model number is the Lenovo dock you’re using? It looks like Lenovo has a whole line of “Mechanical docks”.

Hello. I swapped out the monitor cable and tightened all connections and it has solved the problem. Thank you for the quick response!

Nice, I’m glad it was a simple fix! Please feel free to reach out if you hit any other problems.