RE: UGA-125
The church has a Win 7 laptop running a projector via a usb bluetooth doodle. They want to add a second monitor, all three with the same display. Control panel does not give that option. Can it be done using a usb hub and a UGA-125?


Hi Merlyn,

Thanks for posting! Yes, the UGA-125 (and generally USB graphics adapters) is commonly used for this kind of scenario.

That said, we haven’t tested specifically in combination with Bluetooth-based projection technology. So we can double-check whether that’s likely to work or not, can you say more about what make/model of solution you’re using to do projection via Bluetooth? We’ll look it up and confirm.

Thank you!


I will check tomorrow.


The wireless device for the projector is a Warpia SWP100.



Hi Merlyn,

This will work fine. The Warpia actually uses the same underlying technology we do (from DisplayLink), so the devices (The Plugable UGA and the Warpia) will work in combination as you’re hoping, no problem.

Once the device arrives, just let us know if you have any trouble with configuration - it’s all through standard Windows control panels, we can help fix anything.

Thanks for double-checking that with us!