UGA-125, unable to get monitor out of sleep mode

I am impressed by the UGA-125 I just purchased. Just like you say, plug it in, turn the PC on, it downloads the drivers and works…
Just one small problem, when the computer puts the monitor to sleep - I cannot get it back online again unless I; 1) Reboot the PC, or, 2) Reset the monitors resolution. Neither of these seems suitable, is there a better way to get the display back online again?

Just received a UGA-2K-A and having a similar problem. I have two monitors connected to a GX260 and a third connected to the plugable. When system sleeps (standby) one of the two connected to the NVIDIA doesn’t come back up, but the other one, and the one connected to the plugable do. Both monitors worked fine before today.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi Blair,

Sorry you’re experiencing this problem! Interesting that it’s one of the two connected to the nVidia DX260. A quick check: If you’re on Windows 7, and you hit the Windows-P hotkey combo, it will bring up Duplicate/Extend choices.

If you duplicate, then go back to extend, does that last monitor attached to the nVidia adapter wake up?

Also, are you on DisplayLink driver 5.5 M1 (…) already?


Hi Blair,
I just went to the download site and downloaded the latest drivers (5,5).

Now it all runs great.


Driver is 5.5.29055.0

Win-P doesn’t do anything (the screen that stays dark is my windows primary monitor, so it doesn’t show).

I have narrowed down a bit - its not when the computer sleeps - it actually comes back OK, its when the screen blanks on inactivity timer.

Hi Blair - we’d also recommend upgrading your nVidia driver. See for what’s available (sometimes Dell limits users to older nVidia drivers, but there are ways around that).

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for posting! We’re sorry the adapter is having this return-from-sleep problem on this system.

The first recommendation would be to make sure you’re on the latest DisplayLink drivers for the adapter, available from…

There have been recent fixes for similar sleep/wake issues, including in 5.5 M1 (Dec 3, 2010).

If that doesn’t help, can you confirm if your system sleep is standby, hibernate, or fully off? And is the adapter connected directly to the PC, or through a hub?

Thanks for trying the suggestion, and letting us know how it goes.

Thank you!