UD6950Z only one monitor works with M1 Macbook pro

When plugging in two 4k monitors (one with displayport - displayport and one displayport-usbc), only the DP-DP monitor is recognized by mac os. The DP-USBc (displayport into the doc, USB c in the monitor) isn’t recognized by macOS and the monitor itself does not recognize a video signal in any capacity from the doc.

All steps followed in the quick start to the letter.

Please help, as this is preventing me from working efficiently in my job.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for posting!

The cause of the problem is the type of video cable you are using to connect non-working display to the UD-6950Z dock. The cable is not compatible, which is why the display is not working.

To expand further, only DisplayPort to DisplayPort video cables (cables with a DisplayPort connector on both ends) or HDMI to HDMI video cables (cables with a HDMI connector on both ends) can be used to connect external monitors to the dock.

In almost all cases, a cable with a USB-C connector on one end of the cable and a DisplayPort connector on the opposite end of the cable can only work in one ‘direction’ from a USB-C source to a DisplayPort destination. They will not work in the opposite direction as you are attempting.

I say ‘almost all cases’ because in our experience helping others we have been made aware of this Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort cable → https://www.moshi.com/en/product/usb-c-to-displayport-cable-5-ft-1-5-m/white?ref=category:43 that purports to work in both ‘directions’.

In our experience helping others, we have found that these ‘bi-directional’ cables are not compatible with any of our Plugable products.

An alternative solution would be to connect the non-working display to the dock using the aforementioned DisplayPort to DisplayPort or HDMI to HDMI video cable. If the display does not have a DisplayPort or HDMI video input, then I am afraid we do not have any solutions to offer.

Apologies that we could not be of more help in this specific case, and thank you in advance for your understanding!

Plugable Technologies

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