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I have connected my sons Lenovo Yoga to the UD-3900. The keyboard and mouse work fine but no luck with the dual displays (HP LA2405wg). One is connected is display port to hdmi and he other is display port to dvi. I have run the cleaning tool and reinstall but still no joy. Any help would be great.

Hello and thank you for posting!

Apologies for the delay in our reply, there appears to have been a glitch in our system that did not notify us of your post.

Thank you as well for the detail you provided that is much appreciated. In short, the cause of the problem is the video cables you are using.

The cables you have are passive cables designed to work in one direction, from a DisplayPort video output to a HDMI or DVI video input. They will not work in the opposite direction as you are trying to do.

Looking online at the specifications for your displays (https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01866641#AbT1) it appears that they have DisplayPort, DVI and VGA inputs.

Given that both displays have DVI video inputs, the most straightforward way to connect them to the UD-3900 dock would be as follows:

UD-3900 Dock DVI video output → DVI to DVI cable (a cable with a DVI connector on both ends, customer supplied) → DVI input of HP display #1

UD-3900 Dock HDMI video output → HDMI to DVI cable (purchased separately, for example → https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014I8UQJY/) → DVI input of HP display #2

Please let us know if that information helps, and apologies again for the delay in our response!

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