UD3900 audio through monitor speaker

I can not get audio from my monitor speaker connected via DVI. Tried with 2 laptops
Windows sound playback shows

  1. Speakers (laptops)
  2. Speaker - Plugable audio (not plugged in)

I assume #2 is for the plugable speaker port. I was expecting a usb speaker as third option but nothing is there?

Thanks for getting in touch!

The docking station can only pass audio out via the HDMI output of the dock, so the monitor with the speakers needs to be connected via HDMI. The DVI output (actually the DVI specification itself) does not support passing audio.

Number 2 that you mentioned should be for the front-facing heaphone jack, other audio outputs won’t show up unless something is connected to them. Can you let me know what exact model of monitor you’re trying to connect?

It is a Dell 17 inch monitor with DVI and VGA (also separate 3.5mm audio input).
Sorry for the dumb question. I will use a separata audio cable

No dumb questions! It’s easy to get confused with all of these connection standards out there, I’m glad you came to us for help. That’s what we’re here for!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you run into any issues.