UD3900 - 2nd display not connecting (HDMI to Displayport)

I have just purchased and setup a new UD3900 on my Surface Pro 4 (running Windows 10) so that I can use multiple monitors, and have connected two monitors as per below:-

Samsung SyncMaster S24B300 - available connectors VGA and DVI
connected as Monitor DVI-D to UD-3900 DVI-D

NEC Multisync E243WMi - available connectors VGA, DVI and Displayport
connected as Monitor Displayport to UD-3900 HDMI

Unfortunately the NEC is not being detected as the 2nd (3rd including SurfacePro) monitor, is there a problem with the cables I am using?

Many Thanks in advance

Hi Andy,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help with your new docking station!

Thank you as well for the excellent detail you provided, that is much appreciated.

In short, the problem is the cable you are using to connect the NEC display. The cable you have with a DisplayPort connector on one end and a HDMI connector on the other end is a passive cable that is only designed to work in one direction, from a DisplayPort video output to a HDMI video input. It will not work in the opposite direction as you are trying to do.

Given the NEC display also has a DVI input, the most straightforward way to connect it to the dock would be to purchase separately an inexpensive HDMI to DVI cable such as this → http://amazon.com/dp/B014I8UQJY

The HDMI end of this cable will connect to the dock’s HDMI video output, and the DVI end of the cable will connect to the DVI input of the NEC display.

Please let us know if that information helps!

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

Thanks Bob, trust me to opt for the wrong option…

The other reason for purchasing the UD-3900 is that the mini-diplayport output on my surface pro appears to be faulty, interference/red line son dark areas, and I have been told a minimum £250 for any diagnostics and repair !

Thanks for the very prompt reply


Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear about the mini-DisplayPort output problem within your Surface tablet, but I am glad to hear the information I provided in regard to the video cables was useful.

Since you are located within the UK (based on your 250 pounds reference), here is a link to the HDMI to DVI cable from Amazon in the UK → https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B014I8UQJY/

Please let us know if you need any help in the future, and please have a good day!


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