UD3000, Win 8.1, Mouse Curson not displaying except for right click / hover over

I’m having issues on my Surface Pro, connected to a UD3000 docking station. We have 1 external monitor and run it and the surface monitor in “extended desktop” mode. Today when I logged in I ‘lost’ the mouse cursor very quickly after logging in. There is no visible cursor, I can only track it by watching the desktop and taskbar icons highlighting on rollover. Right click on the desktop brings up the popup menus. In diaglog windows and browsers - the mouse cursor does display when hovered over a link as it turns to the pointing finger.

Have restarted several times. We have DisplayLink version 7.5.54609.0 running. When I plug the mouse dongle directly into the Surface Pro, it works. This is the case with our Microsoft wireless mouse and an old USB corded mouse.

Hi Monica,

Sorry for the frustration! To figure out what’s going on, could you let us know if turning on “mouse trails” with short duration solves the problem? Here’s how:

If it does, we’ll know this is a GPU hardware cursor problem (usually related to the main GPU sleeping).

Thanks for letting us know!

Sorry, I meant to include that that setting does not change the mouse behavior. Also note I do not have the symptom of a blinking mouse or intermittently displayed mouse - the “normal pointer” cursor never shows.


Hi Monica,

Thanks - interesting. It may be something other than a hardware cursor issue, then. But it’s confusing.

How the mouse is connected to the PC (whether direct or through a hub) will not directly affect whether the mouse is rendered – only whether it moves. And it sounds like either way, the mouse is moving, but it’s not visible when connected through the dock.

So I’m assuming that, when you’re connecting the mouse directly to the Surface, that the dock is disconnected at that point (since the Surface has only 1 USB port).

Can you confirm that’s right? If so, we’ll want to get debug logs to see if we can find what’s going wrong when the dock is connected. Here’s how:

Thanks for your patience!

Yes you are correct - when I disconnect the dock, and plug the mouse dongle or cord into that Surface USB port, the mouse displays correctly. In rebooting earlier, I also at one point unplugged the power from the dock to restart that as well as the Surface.

And yes, either way the mouse is moving and responding, it’s just not visible when connected through the dock. I ran the debug - will email that file in.