ud-ultcdl upgrade power supply?

So, I have just got the above Thunderbolt capable Plugable dock and wanted to use it with my Dell G7. Unfortunately, it seems that the Plugable dock just cant provide enough power through the USB-C port to charge the Dell.
Would it be possible to upgrade the power supply for the dock to, say a 90W or larger? I’m grasping at straws here, as I really don’t want to have to return the dock and get a Dell dock instead.

(Currently the dock has a 20v 3A 60W power supply)

I want to be able to carry my laptop between the office and home and only have to plug in my USB-C cable and have everything setup.

Through research conducted elsewhere, I don’t think that the G7 laptop accepts power through it’s USB-C port anyway, so that’s why it wont charge.
If anyone knows better, I would greatly appreciate the info.

Hello Eddie,

Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be happy to help, unfortunately adding a larger power adapter will not increase the charging ability of the dock. The dock is only capable of 60W Power Delivery charging.

Unfortunately you’ll need to either look into a Dell dock or you’ll need to use the dock in combination with the Dell charger.

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

For anyone else looking at the same problem, the G7 does not accept power on the USB-C port - pretty crappy by Dell I think.