I have been looking for a dock to replace my ioGear dock that I use with my Google Pixelbook C0A. My criteria is to have at least 3 external video ports available (as many HDMI as possible).

Your product page https://plugable.com/products/ud-ultcdl lists Google Pixelbook with No in all three columns, however other chromebooks are yes (HP Chromebook G1).

Can you confirm that this in face is not compatible and that I should continue searching?

Hello! Thanks for your interest in our dock.

Unfortunately due to complications with DisplayLink USB Graphics support with Chrome OS, the UD-ULTCDL dock is at this time incompatible for full functionality. At this time we do not offer any multi-display solutions for Chrome OS due to these DisplayLink complications.

If you have any additional questions just let me know.

Best wishes,
Joshua Henry
Senior Engineer
Plugable Technologies

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