UD-ULTCDL Microsoft Studio 2 and dual Dell U3415W Monitors


My current setup is your UD-ULTCDL USB-C Dock with my Microsoft Studio 2 and two external Dell U3415W Monitors. The 2k port appears to be functioning properly but the 4k port (with supplied Dell HDMI) keeps dropping it’s signal every few minutes for several seconds. I have gone through the forums and performed an uninstall of the DisplayLink app and then run the cleaner. I’ve re-installed and then brought the docking station back up from powered off. I am using the supplied USB-C cable you’ve provided. I have switched monitors on the 4k port and I get the same issue so it’s not the monitors. I have run the debug app and can provide the output. The configuration was working a week ago when I received everything and did the initial setup, I have checked the refresh rates, one monitor is at 30hz, the other two (including my Surface Studio 2 running Win10) are set to 60hz all with the recommended resolution settings suggested by the OS.

I’d appreciate help getting my system and screens up and running. Thx


We’re sorry to hear about this issue. We’ve replied to your direct email that you’ve sent to us with your system diagnostics.

Thank you!
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies