UD-ULTCDL compatible with HP Spectre x360 convertible Model 13-ae014dx?

We just purchased the Triple Display docking Station (ud-ultcdl), at the same time we purchased an HP USB-C Universal Dock (HSA-800SDS). We wanted to try them both with our new HP Spectre x360 convertible notebook (Model 13-ae014dx). The plugable appears device appears to work with our computer, and it even appears to be charging the notebook through the USB-C port. However, a warning alert arose stating that we should be using an HP approved charging cord.

The plugable UD-ULTCDL has features not available on the HP-recommended dock, most notably USB-3.0 ports, DVI port, HDMI ports.

Has anyone tested and certified that this UD-ULTCDL Triple Display Docking Station from Plugable is compatible with the HP Spectre x360 convertible Model 13-ae014dx?


Thanks for contacting us! Looking up your system, it should fully support our dock. The charging warning is primarily because HP doesn’t want customers using third party chargers as there are many chargers on the market that could cause damage to the system. You can close the message and the system should continue to operate as expected, we’ve now got many users with similar x360 systems using our dock without issue.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best wishes!

Further research about my hp spectre x360 13-ae014dx computer has lead me to learn the following specs:
USB Type-C port 3.1 Gen 2 (2 ports) with Thunderbolt™ Gen 3 technology supporting the following functions: – Power delivery – Data transfer – DisplayPort 1.2 – HP Sleep & Charge

  • Power requirements Support for a 3-cell, 60-WHr, Li-ion battery
    Support for 65-W AC adapter (non-PFC, RC, USB-C, 3-pin)
    Support for a 1.00-m power cord with a C5 connector

HP technical support person (“Nelson”) informed me that this model of computer’s usb-c port will stop charging the computer’s battery once the battery is 100% charged. Thus far, we have found that the ud-ultcdl, when plugged into one of the usb-c ports on the hp spectre x360 13-ae014dx, charged the battery on the computer quickly (within 20-30 mins while my wife continued to use the computer) from 98% to 100%, then stopped indicating that it was charging. All other functions on the ud-ultcdl (monitor through dvi, external drives through usb 3.0 ports, DVD external drive through usb 3.0 port, music through the headphones port … worked perfectly well!

All in all, we are convinced that this dock works very well with this model of hp spectre x360 computer, and we’re keeping it!

Thanks for all your support and comments!

Best regards,


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