UD-ULTC4K Will not work with macOS 10.13.4 or any future releases?

I received an email stating that I needed to prevent my Mac from doing any further updates as 2 out of the 3 monitor ports on the UD-ULTC4K docking stations will no longer work. I bought this docking station in large part because it did support multiple monitors.

Please tell me this is not permanent and you have a workaround? Not letting a Mac update -ever again- is completely unacceptable.

Thanks for contacting Plugable! We share your frustration that Apple inadvertently broke support for various graphics devices in macOS 10.13.4.

At this point, we do not know if Apple will restore the functionality that was broken. If Apple does not restore this functionality, it’s unclear if DisplayLink (who makes the chips in and drivers used by many USB docks, including ours) will be able to work around the issue.

To help us determine what options are available, please send an email over to support@plugable.com the following information when you have a moment:

  1. Amazon Order ID from your dock purchase

  2. Number of monitors currently in use (with make/model information if possible)

  3. MacBook Model/Year

The following blog post will be updated as new information becomes available:

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Senior Engineer
Plugable Technologies

Please contact us at support@plugable.com if you require further assistance.