UD-ULTC4K Routinely Drops All Connections

I’m using the dock with my late 2018 intel-based MacBook Pro. The dock worked great with Mojave and Catalina.

Somewhere around Big Sur and the time DisplayLink switched to the new app, I began having issues with my screens flashing on and off. I chalked it up to the DisplayLink software and put the dock away to let DisplayLink work out the kinks. I cleaned all DisplayLink stuff off the system and used a dongle for external monitor. Until today …

Today I was rearranging my office and pulled the dock back out. I powered up the dock, then the MacBook, then connected dock to Mac with OEM cable. After a few minutes, I realized the Ethernet and USB connections were dropping and connecting again over and over. No DisplayLink software or external monitors were installed.

I searched for solutions all day, but most seemed to be related to Windows systems. Regardless, I took the following steps:

1. Disconnected the dock and removed the power
2. Disconnected all cables from the dock
3. Installed DisplayLink Manager 1.8.
4. Turned off Wi-Fi on the laptop
5. Disconnected all USB devices from the laptop
6. Shutdown the laptop (ended up being off for about an hour)
7. Powered up laptop
8. Powered up dock
9. Connected dock to laptop
10. Connected USB keyboard to dock, tested good
11. Connected Ethernet to dock, tested good
12. Connected external HDD to dock, tested good
13. Connected one Dell external 1080p monitor to each DisplayPort
14. Fired up DisplayLink and configured monitors … so far, so good

After about 20-30 minutes of testing, I left the laptop on and went to have dinner. Came back about an hour later and woke up the system (AACK, I forgot to make sure it didn’t go to sleep!) and there were dozens of messages about not ejecting the disk properly, green light on dock was flashing and displays were messed up. SO. I started over again. This time I disabled all power saving and turned on amphetamine.

It didn’t help.

Sent PlugDebug zips to support@plugable.com


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