UD-CAM USB-C Mini Docking Station ethernet Is not working with the latest MacBook Pro

UD-CAM USB-C mini docking station ethernet is not working with MacBook Pro. All other functions are working. Is there a driver for the ethernet that needs to be installed?

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Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us via GetSatisfaction, as well as emailing us directly. We recently replied to your initial support ticket with some individual instructions for manually uninstalling and then installing your Ethernet port on the docking station.

Just to ensure you can see it here as well:
When you have a moment, remove the USB-C to Ethernet adapter, and please head into System Preferences > Network. Inside of the network pane on the left side, do you see an option for “Plugable Ethernet” with a red dot next to it? If you do, please click or highlight this option, and then on the bottom left hand side of the pane, click the ‘-’ button to remove the device. Once it has been fully removed, reboot your system. Once it has fully rebooted, head back into System Preferences > Network and look for the ‘+’ icon on the bottom left pane. Click this, and select “Plugable Ethernet” from the drop down box, make sure the name matches the device, and press “Create”.

Does this now allow you to utilize the Ethernet port on the docking station?

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support