UD-CAM is waking Macbook Pro when sleeping or shut down


I got the UD-CAM recently and overall it’s really nice. However I’m noticing that it is preventing my MBP from staying asleep, and will even wake it after I have Shut Down. I want to keep the dock connected all the time, but can’t do so if it won’t let the machine rest.

If I unplug the dock the Mac sleeps and shuts down fine, no wake ups. I do not have ‘wake on network’ enabled on the Mac.

Has anyone else reported this? I’ve not been able to find anything via search

Hi Nick,

Thanks for posting!

This isn’t an issue that we’ve seen very often, but it’s certainly not unheard of (and also not limited to Plugable docks). Let’s start by removing all connected USB devices, the HDMI display, Ethernet connection, and audio devices.

When everything is removed from the dock, and we keep the UD-CAM connected to your MacBook Pro via the USB-C cable, do you still experience the issues? This will help us isolate whether the UD-CAM is interfering with the sleep/shutdown behavior, or if it could be something else.

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


Hey Mitchell, thanks for getting back to me

Using the method you advised I managed to narrow it down to the usb keyboard/mouse. I plugged the keyboard into a different USB port on the dock and this appears to have resolved it.

I’m not sure if perhaps the usb port I was using has a slight fault or something, but I have plenty spare so I’m happy just to use the other port if it resolves the issue

Thanks for the update here, Nick. I’m glad you were able to isolate the issue to the USB keyboard/mouse.

If you’d like to poke a little bit further, what USB port on the UD-CAM was the USB keyboard/mouse connected to? Out of curiosity, if you reconnect it back to the same USB port, is the issue still there?



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