UD-CAM - HDMI output flickering

I have been using my UD-CAM with two different Chromebooks and a windows 10 machine over the last year. However recently i se a problem where the lower half of the picture on the external monitor is flickering a bit (moved sidewards for a very short period of time - sub second)

I have tried:

  1. changing the HDMI cable (using the original in the UD-CAM package) no change
  2. Changing HDMI port in the monitor (Philips Briliance 272P4Q) no change
  3. If i use the HDMI cable with an external USB-C to HDMI adapter the problem dissapear
  4. If i use a USB-C to Display Port cable no problem
  5. I have tried to remove all cables from the UD-CAM for a minute an then replug everything - the problem didn’t show for 10-15 minutes, but then it was back to same behavior as before
  6. Also periodic my Chromebook looses the ethernet connection and then shortly after it returns (again using another adapter - no problems)

Problems seen on both ChromeOS v 81 and v 83 (current) (and there was no release v 82 due to covid-19)

Any suggestion on how to proceed

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for posting!

I appreciate the detailed troubleshooting you’ve already done. Based off these results, could please reach out to us at support@plugable.com with the Amazon Order ID associated with your dock?

Please include “Ticket #308617” in the subject line. We may want to proceed with a warranty replacement.

Thank you for giving us a chance to help!


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