Ud-ca1a Monitor Problem


just got my new UD-CA1A docking station to be used with my HP Spectre. The USBc Cable working fine, delivering power and most periphericals working (Printer, Mouse, Keyboar, External Disk), however the monitor is not being detected. My monitor is an HP Z34c. I have a HDMI cable on both ends and I bought a Display male HDMI female converter to conncet from my Display Port on Monitor to the HDMI port on Plugable, it did not work and when I turned on the monitor all the ports appeared inactive. I removed the converter and plugged the to HDMI 1 and same thing. I tried HDMI 2 and the monitor appears as Active, however is not detected by the laptop and I’m not able to use it. Can you please help me?

Hello, thanks for posting! I am following up on this thread as Jorge had reached out to our support team directly. This was resolved by adjusting settings on the monitor to make sure the proper input settings were set.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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