ud-ca1 power supply get disconected when getting hot from charging+usage.

I had that ud-ca1 disconect on me contrantly until I foung out it was the PSU that was uover heating, most likely giving out bad current to the laptop and disconecting.
Solution would be to charge the laptop past 800% with the laptop closed ot very little activity.

It’s a 4A PSU but most likely not a good quality one.

Hello Mathieu, thanks for posting! We have not heard of this issue before where the power supply for our dock is failing. We’d be happy to send you a replacement unit to make sure that the hardware is functioning properly!

Please just contact our direct support email address at support@plugable.com with ‘Ticket Number 193777’ in the subject line. Please also include your Amazon Order ID number, the serial number from the bottom of the dock and your preferred shipping address in the body of that email. We’ll match everything up and get the replacement process underway.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

It’s already my 2nd unit, same problem, Now at least I know how to get around it. I just use my regular charger to bring it up to 80% then plug the hub. I’m not surprised there that cheap PSU from china isn’t providing clean power when used at it’s capacity.

So when laptop is charging and being used at the same time and maybe combined with PSU overheating, it start to give out bad current that my laptop reject.

I’m happy that my laptop protect me from that, other laptop mobo or battery might just break prematurely.

If you want to send me another PSU to test out, I wouln’t mind but I don’t want to be without a unit to get a replacement.