UD-CA1: Macbook Retina 2016 - External Display Freeze

I have a setup:

Macbook Retina 2016 UD-CA1 HDMI Port 1080p Monitor

Using Dual Display (Separate Display) configuration in Macbook.
The video in the monitor freezes very frequently.
It is impossible to use the device.

In a Mirror Monitor configuration the problem is still the same.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for posting, though very sorry to hear about the issues. Curious to help get to the bottom of it, as we haven’t had any other reports of this and things work well in the same configuration on our test MacBooks.

When the monitor freezes, is it just one specific program, or everything on the screen? Does the mouse pointer freeze as well if it’s on that screen?

Also, when this behavior occurs, what happens afterwards? Does it recover on its own, or does it require a reboot, power-cycle, etc?


The screen freezes completely.
Mouse pointer freeze as well.

I have to disconnect the HDMI cable and reconnect.
Then the monitor returns.
It is happening very often. Writing this message it frozen 3 times.

Are you running tests on Macbook Retina 2016?



Hi Ricardo,

Appreciate the additional details. Very unusual. And yes indeed, we’ve done extended testing on both the 2015 and 2016 Retina MacBooks so it shouldn’t be a compatibility issue with the system.

Given the unusual behavior I think it makes sense to have a replacement dock pre-tested in our labs and sent to you which will resolve things if there’s an issue with the current dock.

Can you please email support@plugable.com with your Amazon Order ID# from the purchase so we can get things arranged? (Please put “Ticket 146091” in the subject if possible.)