UD-CA1-EU : USB 3 port not working and docking station generating noise in speakers.

I just received mu UD-CA1-EU Dockingstation that I wanted to use for my Cube I7 book tablet.
Once connected to the tablet : the HDMI output works very fine, the USB 2.0 ports also … but none of the USB 3.1 (the big blue ones, … to make sure that there is no misunderstanding with the charging port usb type C) works. When connected none of my hard disk USB 3.0, which are working in other circumstances, is recognized. I also tried with some usb 2.0 devices (i.e. mouse dongle, older hard disk,…): nothing works. Windows 10 is complaining that the device is malfunctioning.

Moreover,when connected to the tablet, the dockingstation is generating a terrible noise in the speakers which are connected directly to the tablet. Same thing happens when connecting the speakers to the UD-CA1-EU Dockingstation : the noise seems to be connected to moving the wireless mouse but also, there is always a buzzing pulse in the backgound. BTW : I move the dock further as suggested in answers : the noise is still there.

Please could you help with these issue ?