UD-CA1 Ethernet doesn't work

I’ve got a 2016 Retina Macbook I’m trying to use with a UD-CA1 docking station. Everything seems to work OK except the Ethernet port. System Information lists “USB 10/100/1000 LAN” with a bsd device name of en2, but that device is nowhere to be seen via the command line or ifconfig, and trying to use the Network part of System Preferences shows the “USB 10/100/1000 LAN” as Not Connected even though I do have a cable connected to a switch. I swear this used to work awhile ago, but that was probably before I upgraded to 10.12. Any ideas?

Hi Nate,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear about the ethernet issues.

For most users, there’s a built-in Ethernet driver in macOS that works well with the dock. Though we’ve had a couple cases where an updated driver helped with various network related issues.

When you have a moment, could you please email support@plugable.com (with ticket 165159 in the subject) – we’ll email over a new driver that might help.