UD-6950H HDMI Port 2 Breaks the System

I’ve been using UD-6950H with Surface Pro 6 and 2 desktop monitors for about half a year. I have to say that I really like the docking station. It was working great until today.

Today I plugged the docking station into my Surface the way I usually do it. The monitors connection state (LED light) came on but the displays remained dark. The display resolution on Surface kept switching between native 2736x1824 and monitor’s 1920x1080. After doing a number of cable connections/disconnections in both HDMI ports on the docking station, I found that Port 1 is working fine with both monitors and Port 2 causes the problem with both monitors.

Is there a solution for this problem short of buying a brand new docking station?

Thank you.

Thanks for your post! We also received your direct email to our support, so please continue to communicate via that email as needed. We’ll be sure to post any solutions or resolution steps here once we are able to do so!

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Michael S.
Plugable Technologies

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