UD-6950H: Artifacts on one display, second not working


I just purchased a Plugable UD-6950H, and I can’t seem to get both my monitors to work. I am using a corei5-7200 with integrated 620 graphics and 8GB of RAM, so I have the sufficient hardware to drive three monitors.

Both external monitors are connected via DVI ports; I purchased two of the recommended Plugable DVI/Display-Port passive adapters. So I have the USB-A to USB-C cord plugged into my laptop, and two DP-DVI adapters then plugging into the monitors. One is 1920x1080, the other is 1680x1050.

The 1680 monitor is not functioning at all. The 1920 monitor is working and usable, but has a lot of pixel-artifacts all over the screen. My blue background has a lot of bright pink errors.

Reading the website again, this should work fine; Did I just get faulty hardware?

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