UD-6950 Docking Station Black Screen

Any time I try watching a film through the VOD services, the movie window stays black. Doesn’t matter which browser I use or which video service, it’s all black.

Monitors: Dell U2415 , Samsung S34J55X
MacOS Big Sur M1

Thanks for reaching out to us! I’m sorry to hear that your UD-6950 is not working as you had hoped, and I will be happy to share some information with you.

When using one of our DisplayLink docking stations, HDCP is not supported. Unfortunately there is not a clean solution for this problem. One option is to disconnect the UD-6950, and watch the video directly on your laptops display.

You can find more information regarding this here → https://kb.plugable.com/docking-stations-and-video/is-the-playback-of-copy-protected-or-encrypted-video-content-supported-while-using-my-displaylink-based-product
You can also find more information on HDCP here → https://kb.plugable.com/docking-stations-and-video/381072-video-hdcp

If you would like to reach out to us directly for additional assistance with this. You can do so at support@plugable.com and reference ticket # 382811 in the email.

Our apologies for the trouble.

Plugable Technologies

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