UD-3900 with Surface Pro 3-- No monitors (undetected)

UD-3900 with surface Pro 3-- No monitors (undetected)

I have a Surface Pro 3 with a USB 3.0 UD-3900 docking station and am unable to detect the external monitors.
Other threads/post mention Windows seeing the monitors but not displaying anything. In my case, the mouse and keyboard work, but there are no external monitors connected/detected. I have 2 dell monitors (1 HDMI & 1 DVI) plugged into the dock.
Drivers have been updated.
Based on other threads I have also updated the Intel Graphics drivers. All system updates have been applied.
Surface Pro 3
Latest drivers installed
Intel graphics driver updated
All windows/system updates current

Mouse/keyboard plugged into hub works.
Video/Ethernet do not.

Any ideas?

HI Will,

Thanks for posting. This does indeed sound like different behavior that what some Surface users were encountering since, as you mention, the monitors aren’t being detected.

We’ll want to have a look at some log files to get a better idea of what might be causing the issue. When you have a moment, can you please run our log-gathering tool from the link below with the dock and displays attached:

It will save a .zip file to your desktop which can then be emailed to support@plugable.com and see what the best next steps will be. (Please put “Ticket 95124” in the subject line.)