UD-3900 Windows 10 with Lenovo Yoga Pro. Slow response when laptop lid closed

External displays work well and performance is fine on Windows 10. However when I close the lid on my laptop and use just my external monitors and Ethernet through the dock everything slows down. Mouse movement is slow and choppy. Ethernet access is intermittent at best. I open the lid and everything is fine.

I have a similar issue. When I close my lid one monitor goes into power saving mode.

Hi Daniel, Jim,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help!

We have a Yoga 2 Pro in our labs and we have replicated this behavior, and it appears to be caused by a regression in one of the Intel drivers used for power management (we have mentioned this in our Windows 10 post here as well –> http://plugable.com/2015/07/27/window…). The workaround is to disable DPTF (Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework) in the BIOS. To access the BIOS in a Yoga 2 Pro system, please use the Novo button on the side of your system as described on page 16 (printed page 12) of the user guide –> http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/c… I believe the procedure should be the same or very similar on a Yoga 1 Pro.

Once inside the BIOS, navigate to the Configuration tab and disable the DPTF option (screenshot attached), then save the changes and reboot the system. Once complete please test the performance with the lid closed.

Please let us know if that helps when you have a moment and we can determine the next steps from there.

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Plugable Technologies


Bob, tried your workaround and confirm it works. Believe it should for Yoga 3 Pro too. Thx! When will u guys have a definite solution in place?

Hi Ramiro,

Thanks for the confirmation. The issue seems to stem from a regression in the Intel DPTF driver (others are reporting similar behavior in Windows 10 when no Plugable products are attached), so it will be up to Intel and Lenovo to issue a proper fix. As Windows 10 has only been out about 2 weeks it may take some time before the issue is fixed at the source. I would monitor the Lenovo forum thread here for updates –> https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Y… Considering the number of users posting there when Lenovo/Intel issue a fix I am sure they will update it.

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Gave it a try and no luck. Will do some more digging.

You have to follow the instructions of removing the driver and reinstalling and then there are no problems after you disable in the bios. However I have noticed now that if I put the laptop to sleep and wake it that the UD-3900 is no longer USB recognizable. Laptop has to be powered off and back on.

Has this been confirmed by any other users with yoga?

Hi Ray,

We have had other customers with the Yoga who have contacted us for help directly via our support email with the same symptoms and disabling DPTF resolved the issue.

Thank you,