UD-3900 + USB3-SWITCH 2 w/ Windows XP Desktop/ Lenovo Laptop

Alright gang, here’s what I’m working with. Dell desktop with Windows XP + Lenovo laptop(company issued). Lenovo works great on the switch, however the desktop has been struggling. Gives a black screen or no signal for long duration. Finally get a visual and it’s the desktop with no icons, apparently zoomed out or surrounded by a blue square. Any ideas?

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for posting! You had reached out to us directly, where I replied:

We are likely dealing with a DisplayLink driver issue with the desktop system running Windows XP. I’d like to start by ensuring that you have our validated DisplayLink driver version for Windows XP. Please uninstall the current DisplayLink driver on the desktop (Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs), then download and install the following version:


Hopefully this helps, but if not, please let me know.



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