UD-3900 shows up twice like I have two of them installed and I only have one. Anyone know why and if I need to fix it?


In devices and on the notification bar, the UD-3900 shows up as two of them. Any ideas?


Hi Howard,

Thanks for posting! If everything is working there should be no need to change things, but am curious how this appears on your system. Can you post some screen shots of Device Manager and the notification area?

Thank you,




It works fine. The display adapter only shows up once in the device manager. In the notification area, there is a single Icon but hovering over it shows two UD-3900s and if you open the display manger you can pick either one of them. Seems to make no difference.



Hi Howard,

Thanks for getting back. Assuming you are seeing behavior as I show in my two screenshots, the behavior is normal. The two entries represent each video output in use on the dock. If both are in use you will see two entries. If you disconnect one monitor, you should only see one.

This behavior was originally in place to allow different changes to be made each display (such as size and rotation), but has been changed to just using the built-in Windows utilities.

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