UD-3900 second screen output looks washed out

I have purchased Plugable UD-3900 from Amazon a month and half ago and so far it has worked out GREAT with one small exception.

My set up - Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (Win 8.1). UD-3900 plugged into the USB 3.0 port and I have connected the following: Ethernet, WD Passport 3.0 External drive (USB 3.0), Wireless keyboard mouse (USB 2.0), 24 in monitor (DVI w/VGA adaptor), 24in monitor (HDMI w/VGA adaptor).

The monitor that’s connected via HDMI looks washed and the contrasts are hard to see. When I put Outlook on that screen I have trouble reading the texts. I tried it with a different monitor and got the same result.

The first monitor works good with no color or contrast issue.

Any suggestion? Could it be a problem with my HDMI to VGA adapter?

Thanks, John

Hi John,

We’ve not had any reports of a screen having a washed out effect when connected via the UD-3900. In general, those types of settings are controlled via Windows.

I would suspect that there may be a problem with the HDMI to VGA adapter, is it possible for you to try connecting an HDMI display to the UD-3900 to see if this is the case?


Plugable Technologies