UD-3900 not supporting touch function on additional monitor

Thought I would revisit this once more to see if anything has been done. I have two UD-3900 devices; I use one with my Surface Pro and my wife uses one with her Lenovo Yoga2 Pro. In both cases, the UD-3900 is connected to an Acer touch-compatible monitor via HDMI/USB. With both setups, the touch functionality on the Acer external monitor is spotty at best. Often have to restart the laptops or unplug/replug the docking station to get the touch screen to work. Sometimes no amount of restarts/replugs will solve the problem and we just give up. On rare occasions, the touch function will work on the first try. Have tried the “Touch Calibration” process mentioned in another post, but the monitor doesn’t respond.

Any suggestions?

Hi Dehn,

This is a tricky sort of problem, as the key component in this type of configuration is the touch screen itself. (The dock is essentially just there passing the touch data back and forth between the monitor and the PC.) Are both Acer monitors the same model?

Though since if the systems aren’t consistently recognizing ANY touch input from the Acers, I’m wondering if there’s a low-level detection issue between the docking stations and the USB/touch portion of the display.

When you have a few moment, and the systems are in the state where no touch is being recognized (even in “Calibration”), we’ll want to collect some system logs to see if there are signs of USB detection errors.

Please use our tool at the page below to collect system logs on one or both systems when they’re in a non-touch-recognizing state:

Once you’ve done so, the logs can be emailed to support@plugable.com for us to have a look (Please put Ticket 111167 in the subject).


Thanks for the response, Gary.

Yes, both monitors are the same Acer model. I also failed to mention both laptops are operating on Windows 8.1.

For what it’s worth, I have tried various USB ports on the docking station and this doesn’t seem to have an effect.

I’ll try to gather the logs for you and email as requested.

Outside of this issue, I’m very happy with the performance of the docking station. And the support…other than the fact that we’re not able to resolve the issue…has been top-notch. Thanks again!

Hi Dehn,

Appreciate the additional info, and glad to hear that aside from the current issue that things are working well. Also, thanks for the kind words about the support - that’s what we love to hear!

I’ll look forward to the log files at your convenience and we’ll dig a bit deeper and see if there are any steps we can come up with that might improve behavior.