UD-3900 is not connecting to laptop anymore. No Ethernet or connection to either monitor

I have disconnected the power source, uninstalled, run the cleaner, reinstalled and reconnected power and to the laptop but still nothing. I have rebooted the laptop and my router but nothing. Please advise as soon as possible as it is impacting my work.

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue and would be happy to help assist.

When you have a moment could you please run our PlugDebug utility seen here: https://plugable.com/pages/plugdebug. The tool will collect system logs into a ZIP file and save them to your Desktop. Please send this log file to support@plugable.com and please put Ticket #342755 in the subject line so we can match things up on our end and help provide you with the next best steps.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing and we thank you for giving us the chance to help.

Best regards,

Michael S.

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