UD-3900 dual monitors are not detected

I have a new system with a UD-3900 connected to dual ViewSonic monitors. One monitor is set up with a cable that has a DisplayPort connector attached to the monitor input and a HDMI connector attached to the Plugable docking station. The other monitor is set up with a cable that has a DisplayPort connector at the monitor and a DVI connector at the docking station. Both monitors give “no signal found” indicator nor do they show up as options in the laptop. The docking station appears to be working otherwise. It has power and the laptop recognizes both the Ethernet cable and the mouse dongle connected to the docking station. Is my issue that these cables (DisplayPort to HDMI and DisplayPort to DVI) will not work in this direction or is there something in the docking station not working? I have set up the Displayport drivers on my laptop and it says I am running the latest version of the driver.


Unfortunately this won’t work. Except for in rare cases with just the right hardware setup, HDMI does not convert well to a DisplayPort signal.

Does your display have any other ports besides DP? We may be able to get you the correct adapters to make this work!

Thank you, that is what I suspected the answer would be. My monitors also have DVI and VGA inputs. Cables that use DVI inputs for the monitors (DVI-DVI and DVI-HDMI) will work in this case, won’t they?

Yep, HDMI and DVI should convert back and forth passively, no active adapters necessary. DVI packages both an analog and a digital signals in one connector, so can generally be converted to either, except in some cases with older displays.

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