UD-3900 Conectivity w/ Dell Inspiron

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop. I’m not able to get internet connectivity when I’m connecting it through the UD-3900 Plugable docking station.

I started using the docking station a few months ago and have been able to get connectivity, but it abruptly stopped yesterday. When I plug the USB connector into my computer the network lights blink for a few moments and then go out.

I tested the network connection and it works, so I don’t know what the problem is…

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for posting your question about network connectivity for your UD-3900. I’m sorry about the trouble you are having with it.

Could you run our diagnostic program? It will allow me to see what is going on, and help get it straightened out.

Please plug the docking station into your computer and the network, then go to this page, and follow the instructions there:


When you run the program, it will create a zip file on your desktop with your computer name and the date. Please send that file directly to our support email address support@plugable.com and mention ticket #131316


Plugable Support