UD-3900 and Surface Pro 3 Plugable Ethernet not functioning properly

New Surface Pro 3 (not RT) connected to Plugable UD-3900 (Plugable Ethernet) not working properly. Latest drivers installed from displaylink and surface pro 3 has all updates. Plugable Ethernet shows as Unidentified network. Unable to assign DHCP MSFT error 1001 noted in event log.

The dock has been plugged into a Cisco switch (set to auto negation and throttles from 10 to 100 to 1 gig respectively) to test connection. No issues there. Have also plugged the dock directly into a Verizon Fios Ethernet port same results.

Not sure where to go with this. Have about 15 of these docsk at work same make and model using the same surface w/o issues.

again this is Fresh out of the box surface with latest updates and the dock. Nothing else installed as there is still an issue with this Ethernet over USB connection.

Please advise.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for contacting us. I see you have also reached out to us directly via our email support system. I am going to work with your directly via email as we may need to examine some logs on your system and we don’t want those posted publicly. You’ll have my reply in just a moment.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

Taking this offline does not help those of us who are having similar issues! If a solution is found, please post.



Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting. There can be many different causes as to this type of issue, ranging from the network infrastructure itself to a specific issue on the system which necessitate us examining log files using our PlugDebug utility. In this case, the original poster also reached out to us directly via email as well as the forum post so we chose to continue support via email to go through all available options.

If you are encountering similar difficulty with your docking station, the best way to proceed is to send us an email directly at support@plugable.com with the output of our PlugDebug utility (http://plugable.com/support/plugdebug) and please be sure to include your Amazon Order ID number for the purchase. That will let us help you as quickly as possible.

Thank you,