UD-3000 works great, but mouse on KVM is not - help.

UD-3000 plugged into KVM - keyboard works, mouse doesn’t. Flip to other system and both still work fine. Updated drivers (again) and still not working. Unplugged mouse and re-plugged no result (no sound to indicate device on/off either). Temporarily solved to get to your support facility by plugging in random USB mouse laying around support shack - but this is not a good solution - i do not need nor want two mouse devices on my limited desk space.

aside from this problem, this UD-3000 is 100X better than the POS levovo hub that came with my X1 Carbon. So I really hope we can fix this.

The customer decided to get a different KVM, since this was an a five-year old one that was not working well in the configuration he had, with a PS/2 mouse and keyboard plugged into the KVM, then one output of the KVM connected to a USB port on the docking station, which was then plugged into a Lenovo laptop.