UD-3000 Switches off external display on WIndows 8.1

I’ve just got a UD-3000 for use with my Samsung laptop running Windows 8.1. Everything is working really well with the laptop open, but there is a problem when I close it.

My power settings are correctly set to do nothing when the laptop is closed - it does not sleep.

I have a single external screen, and my display settings are set to only display on the second display. This works fine with the laptop open - the laptop screen is off and the external display is active.

When I close the laptop, the external screen switches off. When I open it again and look at the display settings, they have been changed to “Duplicate” and both screens are now on, showing the same image. I’ve gone through this cycle several times - I set it to display 2 only, close the lid, and the setting is changed to duplicate.

Hi Doug - Thanks for posting. What’s interesting is that is stays in duplicate after you re-open. That’s not normal.

Could you try one thing: When you close the lid, could you hit the Windows-P hotkey combination, arrow down and then enter. That’ll switch to the next pc/duplicate/extend/external setting. If it’s not right yet, hit the hotkey, down arrow, and enter again.

Hopefully you’ll get the external screen on.

Then test open/close as usual, and see if settings are retained.

I’m not confident it’ll work, because I’m not sure yet why settings weren’t retained in the first case.


Apologies, I just went to try your suggestion and found that it was in fact set to sleep - no idea how, that’s not how I normally have it.

Anyway, with that corrected it now works ok when I close the laptop, and all is fine as long as I unplug the UD-3000 before opening the laptop again. The only strange thing is if I open the laptop before unplugging, when it still switched back to duplicate display. That’s a minor oddity now though.

Thanks for your help!

Glad to have you up and running. Thanks!