UD-3000 "Plugable Ethernet" drivers for this device are not installed

The system is a Surface Pro running Windows 8 Pro.

  1. Recently I ran Windows Updates, “Install Optional Updates”. One of the optional updates was a DisplayLink driver, unfortunately I can’t provide specifics now, because that update disappeared from my update history at step 4 below.

  2. After this DL update and the following reboot, my “Plugable Ethernet” and “Plugable Audio” now show up as having no drivers installed. See screenshot at http://i.imgur.com/nZImVBv.png or bottom of this post.

  3. I visited this forum and learned that people with the “slow Metro app splash screens” and “unstable gigabit ethernet” issues had solved them with the V7.2 M1 drivers from DIsplayLink. So I downloaded that package (http://goo.gl/UbWF5), installed it, and rebooted.

  4. This seems to have removed the history of the DL driver installed by WU in step 1. It also produces no change - the screenshot given in #2 above is still the same.

  5. If I click “Update Driver” for ethernet or audio devices, no driver is found via the “Search Automatically” path. If I choose “Browse my computer” and "pick from list of devices on my computer) I find no Plugable drivers; I do find a whole bunch of DisplayLink Display Adapters, but no drivers for network or sound. (If this is confusing, see http://i.imgur.com/lUcVRKq.png.)

So, what now? I’d like to get ethernet and audio working via the UD-3000. Thanks for any advice you can provide.


OK, with more browsing around in this forum, I find that Ellen has written a solution that worked for me.

Running the DisplayLink cleaner, then disconnecting the UD-3000 from my Surface and reinstalling the DisplayLink 7.2 M1 drivers did the trick.

Have to say this was a bit of a pain. Something in the driver installer (and the updater from Windows Updates) probably needs fixing?

Hi quux,

Thanks for posting your questions and the solution here! Glad to know that the issue is fixed.

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