UD-3000 Ethernet Driver

Somehow my drivers became corrupted so the UD-3000 would only function as a USB hub. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that seems to have fixed everything but the Ethernet driver. Device Manager shows it as disabled and that it has no driver. When I click Update Driver it can’t find one for it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Since you’ve attempted to reinstall the DisplayLink drivers, can I have you completely remove them one more time using a specific tool and reinstallin. Here are the steps:

  1. Disconnect the UD-3000 from the computer and unplug the power from the UD-3000.

  2. Run the DisplayLink Cleaner tool to completely uninstall existing DisplayLink Software:

  3. Download driver v7.4 M2 from the below link and follow the installation prompts.

  4. Reboot the computer,

  5. Replug the power adapter to the UD-3000 and reconnect the UD-3000 to the computer. Allow several minutes for the driver to enumerate and for the firmware to complete upgrade.


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