UD-160-M USB Thin Client setup limitations


I would like to report a problem regarding a setup of a classroom with 20 UD-160-M USB thin clients and 2 servers running Windows Multipoint Server 2012.

The intended setup was to divide the stations in the classroom between the two servers - one would be running 12, the other 8 stations.

Server specifications are as follows:

MB: GigaByte Z97-HD3
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770
RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB x2 in RAID1
HDD: WD Blue 1 TB

These exceed the required specs for a Multipoint server running this amount of stations.

This should work in theory - but not in real life.

It is only possible to power 5 stations from a single server - the moment more are added, some keyboards and/or mice lose power, stations lose connectivity or refuse to boot etc. In your product description it is noted that it is possible to run up to 14 stations from a single server in a Windows based environment - how is this possible?

When more than 5 stations are connected, the server reports problems regarding too many USB devices connected. After looking into the problem, it would seem that Windows only supports around 127 USB connections (2 connections are used per device, to map both ends). The UD-160-M thin client has about 9 ports, all of which are classified as USB connections (the stations USB ports, DVI, LAN, Audio). Therefore it would seem that no more than 5 stations can be added due to the USB controller of the server getting overloaded with connections.

Is there a solution to this problem - a way to get extra USB connections for the server (switching from xHCI to EHCI perhaps?), or a different workaround? As it stands, I am very dissatisfied with your product.

Looking forward to hearing from you,