u3 not working

I just received the communicator u3 and have tried three different cables (two usb 2 and one usb 3) and four different drives and my readynas duo nor my imac recognized the drives. At first it did once but now it does not even show that a drive is connected. What should I do? I have tried three drives with data on them and one blank drive.

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for posting your question about the U3 here, I’ll be happy to help. Thanks for taking those troubleshooting steps and sending in the results.

To get started troubleshooting, use the USB 2.0 cable that came with the device and the iMac. Connect the device to the iMac and turn it on. The green light should be on. Now, put in one of your drives, if it doesn’t appear in finder can you see it in Disk Utility?

Take a moment to work through the Mac section of this post:

Send your results from the troubleshooter along with your Amazon Order Id over to us at support@amazon.com and we’ll get you fixed up.