Two External (Projectors) Both Mirror Laptop Desktop?

How do I mirror a laptop with two USB-VGA-165 each going to a projector? I can’t seem to get both projectors to mirror the laptop for PowerPoint presentations. No matter what settings I tried there’s always one device (laptop, projector 1, projector 2) that shows the extended desktop. The video setup doesn’t give me an option to duplicate the desktop of the laptop on both of the projectors. Any ideas? I tried using one USB-VGA-165 for one projector and the laptop’s VGA for the other projector but I’m given the same options in the settings. Actually, I first tried the laptop with one USB-VGA-165 to a video multiplex and have both projectors connected to the multiplex but only one projector show the correct resolution and the other required unplugging/replugging VGA cables and changing laptop video settings back/forth to get to the right resolution. However, the moment the laptop is rebooted, it goes back to the unwanted resolution and needs the same tweaking. Then I bought the second USB-VGA-165 thinking that I would be able to have the projectors to mirror the desktop of the laptop independently but I guess I’m wrong? Help? The laptop is running Windows 7.

Hi T. Nguyen,

Thanks for posting your question here! Windows 7 does not allow setting more than one display in Duplicate/Mirror mode. All other displays have to be in ‘Extend’ mode. Currently there are no workarounds for this. Sorry about that!

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