turn on internal & external speakers

how can I get my laptop speakers & external spreakers attached to UD-160-A to BOTH work? RUnning windows 7

Hi Debra!

Thanks for posting and for your question!

You can set the default audio device using this guide here.

However you cannot have 2 devices set as default at the same time - it has to always be 1 device that is set as default (Unfortunately this is a Windows limitation and applies to all products - for a possible solution look here ). Therefore, sound will go only to the default device.

Some applications may allow the user to select the device to which audio will go to. If the option is not available, or you haven’t specified a device, audio will always go to the default device.

If you can let us know some example applications you are using, or some more details on your setup, we may be able to give you a more specific answer.

Hope this answer your question!
Please let us know if you require more details!