Trying to use my good old projector with a more current computer

Help! The cable did not work between my Dell computer (HDMI) and my old
Microtek CX7 DLP (VGA) projector. Probably because I noticed too late
that the VGA is labeled RGB-out. I have tried a HDMI/DVI/I cable and that
didn’t work either. Is there any way I can use this good old projector?

Hello Fred,

Thanks for contacting us! We’re sorry that the HDMI to VGA Converter Cable isn’t compatible with your Microtek CX7 DLP projector.

Looking at the connectivity details of this projector model, there are only a few ways to connect to it. There’s the DVI-I output you mentioned, an S-Video output, and a set of Component output jacks.

It’s possible that the HDMI to DVI-I cable you tried to use earlier wasn’t functioning properly or wasn’t compatible with your projector, so that still may be a connection option. Otherwise, you’ll need to consider using the other connections compatible with that projector.

To use the component connection of the project, you’ll need to purchase a component style cable like this one: To have that connect to your HDMI-enable PC, you’ll need to purchase an HDMI to Component converter like this one:

Similarly, if you want to use the S-Video connection, you’ll need to purchase an S-Video cable like this: Then you’ll need to connect that cable to your projector from an HDMI to S-Video converter like this: The HDMI cable from your PC would plug into the HDMI input on that converter.

I can’t guarantee that both of the converters I linked you to are fully compatible with your specific projector model, as there’s no mention in the product listing of that model, but they are the correct type of converter that’s needed to connect your HDMI capable PC to a display device like your projector via a component or s-video cable.

We hope this information helps. Since you won’t be able to use the HDMI to VGA cable as expected, and you’re still within Amazon’s 30-Day Return policy, please feel free to request a return with them through your Amazon account. Here’s a link to the returns web page for your convenience:

Thank You,

Amanda Henry
Plugable Technologies