Trying to transfer from windows xp desktop to windows 8.1 laptop.

Using usb 2.1 easy transfer cable. Downloaded easy transfer to the desktop xp (old) computer. Turned on new laptop 8.1 and found the easy transfer program. Plugged in cable, old computer started wizard, and is stuck on “trying to connect”. New laptop is waiting, and wants me to choose or create an easy transfer file. The connection doesn’t show up as a device, but it does chime when the usb is plugged in. Thanks for any help. Jan T.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for contacting us. You’ll need to install and use our bundled Bravura Easy Computer Sync software on both computers, since Microsoft’s built-in support for easy transfer cables was removed in 8.1.

Here’s how:…

Let us know if there are any questions at all. Thanks!

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for the information. You were a big help! I got all my files off the old computer onto the new one. Another question for you; Can I get the solitaire games from Accessories in the old computer? How about my wall paper picture?

Thanks again, Jan

Same problem but can’t download Bravura because i didn’t get email a license key. Please send to

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting here!The email with the Bravura Product key has been sent.

If you need any additional help or information regarding any of our products, please do feel free to shoot us an email at We are here to help!