Troubleshooting 10-port hub for Win 7 64bit

Just purchased a plugable 2.0 10-port hub for my laptop, Win 7 64-bit. Not working, needs troubleshooting but could not be corrected with troubleshooting. Anyone else have this issue?

Hi April,

Thanks for posting your question here! I’m sorry to know that you are having trouble getting the Plugable 10 Port Hub to work with your laptop. Let’s figure out what is going wrong and how to fix it.

Some quick questions to understand the setup and the issue better:

  1. Disconnect all devices and the power adapter from the hub. Connect the unpowered hub to an inbuilt USB port on the laptop. Does the blue LED bar light up?

  2. Unplug the hub from the system. Connect the power adapter to the hub. Does the blue LED bar light up when the hub is powered by the power adapter but not connected to the system?

The blue LED bar lights up when the unit is powered by either the power adapter or the upstream USB port on which it is plugged in.

  1. If the blue LED bar does light up when only the power adapter is plugged in, connect the hub to the system. Plug in a simple USB 2.0 device like a USB mouse (not the wireless mouse) into each port on the hub, one at a time.On how many ports, if any, is the device detected by Win 7?

  2. What are the make and models (or specs) of the devices that are intended to be connected through the hub?

  3. Is Windows 7 is popping any errors when you connect the hub to the system? If yes, what is the error code/ message?

Please do post back with the above information so that we can figure out the next steps.


Hi Roze,
Yes, the LED bar lights up when plugged only into the USB port on the laptop. And yes, it lights up when it is connected to the power source.
I have tried multiple devices in multiple ports and nothing works so far. I’ve used a keyboard, a phone, and two different thumb drives.
The device itself is showing on my computer as “working properly”
No error messages.
Thank you.


Thanks for posting back with the information! Just shoot us an email at with your Amazon order ID and a link to this thread, and we’ll take care of the issue.