Trouble with USB-powered drive and 7-port USB3 hub


Hi, I got the 7-port USB3 hub as a Christmas present back in January. It worked well with the self-powered HDs I had in FL, but now I"m home and having some trouble with a USB-powered drive.

The small drive is a WD MyPassport USB3 USB-powered drive that’s also powerable from a USB2 port (so I know it’s undemanding :).

When I plug it in directly to my notebook’s USB3 port, it spins up and is recognized. When I plug it into the Plugable hub (plugged in with the 4A adapter), I hear it spin but it’s not recognized.

Is there something I should be doing, and/or is this is a known problem? I have a USB2 usb-powered drive but I hesitate to plug it into the hub until I check.


Just saw there’s a recent (more recent than my contact with Support) blog post here…

Is my problem the kind of thing these fixes are intended to solve? Step 1 does sound somewhat like it (plug in hub before connecting to PC). Obviously I can try them anyway but not for another week or so.


[added: I forgot to describe my system: ThinkPad X220, Win7/64, USB3 (of course).]

Hi Andrew-

It sounds like there is a good chance this was issue #1, the power issue you described.

The troubleshooting link you just posted is our latest/best resource- please let us know how it goes once you’ve had a chance try.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies